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Rammohan Konda
"నాతెలంగాణకోటిరతనాలవీణ" అని ప్రవచించిన అభ్యుదయకవి, కళాప్రపూర్ణ దాశరథి గారి పలుకులు అక్షరాల సత్యమని నిరూపితమవుతున్న ఈ శుభసమయంలోMore...

Welcome to

American Telangana Association (ATA)

American Telangana Association (ATA) is a non-profit organization devoted to the awareness, promotion, andpreservation of the unique cultureand traditions of Telangana. Formed on March 12th, 2016.

---Connecting Telangana/Indian Diaspora thru our socio cultural diplomacy.


American Telangana Association (ATA) and 'Pravasi Mithra' together have initiated a process of regularly promoting a Socio-Cultural activity by organizing 'Pravasi Bathukamma' (Floral Festival for Emigrants). This event is supported and participated by National Women Welfare Trust and prominent NRI Organizations across the Globe.
It intends to systematize this process through a regular review every year and plans to decide this kind of activity to promote cultural identity with diversity and has a vision to celebrate it every year

'PRAVASI STREE SHAKTI' (Women Power for Emigrants) Award is:
• Being envisaged as a process to reward capable, competitive women in the field of Socio, Educational, and Scientific, Economic, Cultural and Spiritual spheres is being considered as a system and as a process.
• To honor NRI/PIO Women for their exceptional and meritorious contribution in their field in tune with Peace and Development associated with Nature and Environment. 
• To encourage Women Empowerment in tune with cultural activities like 'Pravasi Bathukamma' (Floral Festival for Emigrants) 
• To recognize the spirit of their courage, inquisitive nature of creation, and path finding ways of innovation, beneficial nature in development which will be in tune with their personal or professional life for the benefit of the Society both in places where they dwell and all over the world
• To empower Indian emigrants women, novel and essential, who raise the Social issues, associating activities pertaining to Competition combined with Concern for Welfare and Humane endeavors


• Women belonging to various states in India, residing in foreign countries irrespective of region, religion, caste, creed, race and riches. Women of Indian origin living in various parts of the World who have contributed significantly benefiting the Society in the below mentioned fields:
Legal, Medical, Health, Entrepreneur, Social/Community Service, Civil Service Societies, Trade Union Work, Domestic Worker arena , Cultural activity, Education, Science, Engineering, Spiritual enlightenment, Self-reliance, fine arts, Athletics and Sports and all kinds of Humane endeavors for Peace and Progress.

10 NRI/PIO WOMEN will be felicitated with “PRAVASI STREE SHAKTI” awards for their exemplary contribution in the above mentioned fields:

If you think you are eligible in the above mentioned criteria and would like to nominate yourself, please email your resumes to Awards@pravasibathukamma.org.
If you are our supporting Organization, please refer your Organization name in the subject of the email while emailing to Awards@pravasibathukamma.org
NOTE: Please be advised that the last date for nominations is 20th September, 2016
Also, the awardee must attend in-person for our “Pravasi Bathukamma” festival on Oct 2nd, 2016 in Hyderabad, Telangana, India
For any enquiries, please email Info@pravasibathukamma.org or on a “what’s App” numbers +1 4124984809 and +91 98494 22622



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